"Fine dining in a romantic, Old-English atmosphere overlooking the valley."

The Five Alls Restaurant is the end-result of 50 years of care- filled effort on the part of its original owner, Richard Halliday, followed by his daughter, Anne Halliday-Lentz, who worked alongside her dad for over 28 years. In 1969, with only $300 and a Morgan Plus-4 Roadster to his name, Mr. Halliday, or "Hal," as he was affectionately called by his staff, created a Salt Lake icon, serving up his dream to this valley for 50 years. In 2018 Hal was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was the only thing in his life that kept him away from his beloved restaurant. His daughter, Anne, continued to run the restaurant until the time came where she was needed more by her father's side, and she made the tough call to end her and her family's time at the Five Alls. But to her and her father's credit, when it looked like the Five Alls would no longer be able to continue, the loyal employees at Five Alls, many who have worked there for decades, and one in particular, Joel Swensen, decided to pick up the pieces, and with the Halliday's blessing, set about the enormous task of re-opening. With the help of Lynn and Gary Kitchen, Joel became the carpenter, manager, baker, and basically the Five All's jack of all trades, working against all odds to reopen. The road hasn't been easy. Along with challenges presented trying to license and repair a 50 year old business, there was the added challenge of navigating the restaurant world during a world- wide pandemic. But despite these hurdles, Joel, along with some key long-time Five Alls players, Quimby Roundy, Nick Medina and Ben Eggli were able to reopen the Five Alls in July of 2020 to rave reviews. As they continue to perfect their mastery in the kitchen, we invite you to come, relax and enjoy!